A Journal and Goal Setting Planner is Critical for Success

Why use a planner? And why are the pages laid out the way they are in the planner? Why are the dates on the left side, why are goals written twice on the right side?

The design of a good planner is built to fill out all the white space in the calendar. To stay busy… to stay at a maximum level. So between 6 to 9am, let’s say you set up your first 3 things you’re going to do that morning. You will probably be working out, then afterwards, maybe spend time with your kids. Then once you’re done, maybe you’re going to take a shower. Afterwards, you would be getting ready to have some breakfast, and be ready for a 9am meeting.

Between 9 to noon, maybe you have phone calls. Maybe you’re working on a project or shooting a video. Basically every line on the planner you fill out. Noon you’re going to take a quick lunch for 10 to 15 minutes, have a bite to eat. Or you’ll spend a longer lunch… but it will always be with a client. From 6 to 9pm, you’re cranking it down. Turning it off after a busy day, and heading to bed.

The above example, shows how you can use a planner to journal your activities through the day. If you notice, there are a lot of activities going on. This is operating at a maximum level, and a good planner is designed for that – to optimize your day, while you keep your targets and goals in mine. If you over commit, and under deliver, that’s better than having blank space on the calendar.

Now the right side is a key feature of a good planner. It’s a journal, scheduler, planner, day timer, call it what you want.

Goals – now these first lines are the most important ones to start your day, because this is your purpose. This is why you’re living your life. This is the reason you’re getting up, and going to work each day. Underneath that there is Quote of the day. What is your quote today? This is a very creative two lines that are going to cause you to think about what you stand for that day. Next are your targets. Things you want to accomplish that day. Calls you want to make, appointments you want to have, deals you need to close, people you want to see, customers you want to get in front of. Then we have successes. Those are the things you accomplished that day. Last thing right your goals down again. You write them down in the morning, and write them down again at night. I can’t stress how valuable this is. Most write their goals down once a year. You should be writing yours over 700 times a year. Who’s going to win?

Make your success big, by organizing your day using a good goal setting and journal planner.

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