Characteristics of a Good Franchisor Leader

A lot of seminars have been given about good leadership qualities and how to manage franchisees. But with all these information and different ideas about what a good franchiser leader should have, I have narrowed it down to six key elements that I think is what good good franchiser leader should have as the success of a franchise network depends on the franchiser leader and his relationship with his franchisees.

A good franchiser leader should have a clear vision. Although this has been said a thousand times, this is true. He must have an accurate vision of what his franchise network should be.

A good franchiser leader must have integrity. This is especially true if you want your franchisees to trust and respect you as these two are needed for the success of any franchise network.

A good franchiser leader must guarantee his franchisees of intelligent strategies when it comes to the needs of the customers, the franchisees' need themselves and the market in which its product revolves. He must be able to make a good judgment in every decision he makes.

A good franchiser leader must be flexible and can adapt to changes. He must be able to recognize changes in the market and the needs of the customers, and he must be able to share his vision with others and make others realize his vision.

A good franchiser leader can identify and manage conflicts within his company. As his franchisees have different needs and expectations, it can often lead to conflicts within the company. He, therefore, must be able to identify the conflicts and be able to handle them. He also must take into consideration the many talents and opinions of his different franchisees and be able to coordinate them.

A good franchiser leader must be sensitive enough in the use of his power as the franchiser leader. As power can sometimes corrupt a person, he must have a good character to not be influenced by the power it comes from being the franchiser leader. He must also have personal maturity and strength of character and should also know who he really is to control the damaging influence that power can have on a person.

Although this is not what I consider the formula for success as it will always depend on many other factors, but these are just principles that a good franchiser leader must have in order to have stability and trust within his company.

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