Children and Goal Setting, Vital For Their Success

Today I sat my 6 children down and began goal setting with them. My husband and I have recently begun the important tactic of setting goals. We feel that if we are on the road to change and success, we must lead them along in little steps, as well.

In my 22 years of marriage, we talked of goals and dreamed of goals, but we never wrote them down. Writing them down is vital for the brain connection to see, believe and actualize.

Some advocate writing down 50 or 100 goals and setting appropriate and reasonable time frames to accomplish them.

Others propose writing down 2 dozen goals that you can manage.

Still some suggest writing down only physical, tangible goals, without the complimentary character and moral traits to accompany them.

I like to take the best of all options and combine them into a powerful package where you can begin to succeed in obtaining that which you desire.

For children, asking them for 100 goals is monumental. You would basically get an ‘I want’ list, without the corresponding growth and responsibility to handle the newly acquired possessions.

I asked my children to write down 1 goal for three different areas: financial, something tangible and concrete and 1 personal development goal. The time frame for reaching this goal was 1 month. I then asked them to repeat the process with a 6 month time frame in mind.

The process of guiding my children was fascinating. We took each of their goals and broke them down into bite-sized pieces to see what kind of action would be required to reach that specific goal. I helped them see that the goal of making $1,000,000 within 6 months would mean bringing in $40,000 a week, so they needed to reduce the goal a bit.

I was able to explain that ‘getting my own room’ was a great goal but outside of the time frame we set.

Through this exercise my children were able to visualize objective goals they desired and see if they were reasonable or not. They discovered that there are some things they are not willing to wish for and work for.

Following the goal setting, we talked of strategies and tactics for making their goals happen. The oldest has a job which greatly aids in actualizing his goals. Other of my children are going to go out and seek work by washing neighbor’s cars, weeding, etc. Lastly with some other of my children I may end up being ‘the boss’ and employing them.

More than anything I want my children to become comfortable with the process. Yes, reaching the goals is important, but if the exercise proves too frustrating or complicated they might not return to this special method of growth development.

Though I only asked 3 categories for goals, others can be employed. Come school time, academic goals would be appropriate. There are also spiritual, nutritional, physical goals that children can work on as they grow and mature.

Goal setting can be compared to a battle. The goal is to win. The different tactics employed is how to win the battle.

The battle I wage is with a society that accepts complacency and mediocrity as commonplace. I refuse to let my children be less than the greatness they were designed for.

My husband and I must program our children for success and model it for them. We may be late bloomers but our children are just beginning on a most wonderful journey. May all their dreams and goals come true one by one, as they map out their desires and work to achieving them.

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