Do You Have The FOCUS Of A Leader?

One doesn’t automatically, become a true leader, simply because he either, is elected, selected, and/ or ascends, to any position of leadership! Rather, one only merits, being considered, a real leader, when he clearly exhibits, and demonstrates, he has the vision, and FOCUS, required, needed, and necessary. This is, perhaps, one of the principal reasons, we appear to be witnessing, such a dearth of genuine leadership, in many groups, and/ or organizations. In order to address this, and create the leaders, we need, groups should take advantage of using leadership training, and planning, professionals, who will help, identify, review, consider, and develop, these individuals. With that in mind, this article will attempt to use the mnemonic approach, to discuss, some of the requirements, and some relevant, sustainable approaches.

1. Future; furnish; fruition; faith: Quality leaders must consistently focus on the future, in a relevant, sustainable manner, and realize, it’s the responsibility of a real leader, to furnish, the finest leadership planning, and direction, to the organization, and their stakeholders! This must be done, while always, keeping the faith, and maintaining their commitment to absolute integrity! It must be understood, mere, rhetoric and empty rhetoric, is no replacement for, bringing what’s most needed, and necessary, to bring the finest results, to fruition!

2. Options; opportunities; option; organized: Beware of anyone, who proceeds, with the, My way or the highway, mindset! Rather, a meaningful leader, considers all viable options and alternatives, with an open – mind, seeking to take advantage of the most appropriate opportunities, to achieve their objectives! For any option to be achieved, leaders must be ready, and proceed, in an organized, well – considered, manner!

3. Character; coordinate; clarity; cooperative: Seek individuals with the quality of character, needed, and appropriate, because while other assets, might be trained, and developed, someone’s personal character, tells you very much about the possibilities! How someone might coordinate the best – possible efforts,. and process with the clarity, to create a cooperative mindset, makes all the difference, in – the – world!

4. Unique; usual; unusual; usable; urge: What unique characteristics does someone possess, which might position him, to be able to effectively address, both the usual, as well as unusual necessities of effectively leading? Consider, whether, what someone urges, and prioritizes, is usable, as well as realistic, relevant, and sustainable!

5. Service; sustainable; system: How might someone focus on service, rather than any personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest? The objective and goal, must be developing a sustainable system, which will serve the best interests of the group, as a whole!

Will you seek to develop and maintain the FOCUS of a genuine leader? Are you prepared, ready, and up – to, the task?

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