Goal Setting Is Easy

Yes you read that right goal setting is easy, anybody can sit down & write a list of things they would like to achieve;

  • Lose Weight
  • Get up 1 Hour Earlier Every Day
  • Walk Twice Round The Block Before Breakfast
  • Go to the Gym 3 Times a Week
  • Sponsor 5 New MLM Distributors This Month
  • Sign up 4 Customers for My MLM Business This Week
  • Tell Your Wife/Partner You love Them Everyday
  • Stop Eating Pizza & Chocolate

See that was easy, I didn’t even have to think real hard about it, it took 2 minutes! Yes Goal Setting is Easy, BUT what about achieving those goals? Is that going to be easy? No it probably isn’t, some of those goals might inspire you to take action for a week or so but then what? That’s right, you will give up.

So what can you do to make sure that you fulfill your goals? We all know about making goals specific and measurable ie how much & when if your goal is to lose weight, but that wont really motivate us to take action to achieve our goals. I’ve just been reading an old article by “Big Al” or Tom Schreiter to some, about how we can motivate ourselves to keep on track to reach our goals. He quite rightly points out that we, as humans, will do almost anything to avoid pain but can’t be bothered to do anything even though we know it may bring joy. So pain is a much greater motivator than pleasure, with this in mind Big Al suggests that we pick a forfeit if we fail to reach our goal rather than a reward if we achieve it.

So what do you hate doing? Pick something that would really cause you pain, examples of what forfeits are not “pain” include;

  • Going shopping with the wife for a month.
  • Watching I’m a celebrity… for a whole series.
  • Doing the washing up for a month.
  • Going to watch your local football team with your husband for a month.

Hope you get the drift, it has to be something that will really hurt you, maybe donating £1,000 to your local MP’s expenses fund! Do you think you would be motivated enough to do whatever it takes to fulfill your goals upon penalty of having to give £1,000 of your hard earned money to your MP?

So what are you waiting for? Get a pen & paper & write down your big almost impossible to achieve goal, then write down the excruciatingly painful forfeit that you will do if you fail to reach that goal.

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