Guide to Explore Eastern Plaguelands Achievement

To explore the World of Warcraft zone of Eastern Plaguelands, you’ll need to spend a few minutes of extra time to plot out your route due to the sheer volume and randomness of the zone. There are locations throughout all the four corners of the map, including the newly added Scarlet Enclave where the Death Knights are located!

Explore Eastern Kingdoms Guide

Firstly, you will need to go slightly south to Thondroril River (8,71) when you first enter the zone. Go east from here to the Marris Stead (22,67), then straight north to the Fungal Vale (36,45), and onwards to Darrowshire (38,86). Go to Crown Guard Tower (39,74), then travel north from here to the Infectious Scar (49,62) and to Corin’s Crossing (54,66). Go around the lake to get Lake Mereldar (57,76), and then head due east until you are in the Scarlet Enclave (87,74).

Next, travel back west to Tyr’s Hand (75,74), and then go north to the Pestilent Scar (69,58) and Light’s Hope Chapel (75,52). Go west and then north to reach the Eastwall Tower (69,48). Enter the Noxious Glade (76,35) to the east of here and then go back north to Northdale (66,25), after which head straight north to get Zul’Mashar (66,8). Go west from here to reach Quel’Lithien Lodge (48,13), then west to Stratholme (26,10) and southwest to Terrordale (13,28). To finish up, you’ll need to go to Plaguewood (28,25), and then Northpass Tower (56,24).

The final point of this achievement will be directly south of here at Blackwood Lake (47,44).

As you can see, the explore Eastern Plaguelands WoW achievement takes a great deal of time and a lot of attention as to not miss any discovery points – especially since it would be hard to track back and find out the one that was missed. When you make it all the way through though, you will have accomplished and explored one of the largest zones in the game!

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