High School Students Should Have a Plan For Success

A lot of the success of our high school students is the result of them having developed a plan for their high school years. Students who begin ninth grade with some kind of direction on what they want out of high school have a better chance of reaching their goals. Some of the basic skills that need to be part of the high school students package include knowing how to manage their time, knowing how to set and reach goals, developing positive habits and knowing how to prepare and take a test.

High school students should start every school year with a calendar or planner. The calendar can be used for important dates such as test dates, homework assignments, major projects, and extra curriculum activities. Just as important is making a “To Do” list every day to help with managing time. The list should have the important items listed at the top. At the end of the day the student should check off what was completed that day and what needs to be added the next day.

Having something to strive for is part of human nature and all successful people are always working toward some kind of goal. High school students should also set goals throughout their four year career. Setting short and long term goals should be written out and evaluated every single year of high school. Students should also know how to monitor the success or failure of their goals. This can be done by charting their goals and developing a timetable.ear

Another successful technique is for students to begin the school year with positive routines. Numerous students have been successful because they followed a set of positive routines that turns into habits for them. Some of these habits include getting to school and class on time each day, participating in class discussion, studying every night, taking notes in class, preparing for test and quiz, bringing supplies to class each day and eating a good breakfast each day.

Test taking is another skill that all students need in order to become successful in high school. Before taking test students should make sure they are probably prepared to pass the test. This includes taking the time to study as much as possible. Each individual may need a different amount of time to study. The day before the test is also important because the student needs to get plenty of rest. On testing day, the student should eat a good breakfast.

When taking multiple choice test, students should always rule out answers that are definitely wrong before choosing the correct answer. This technique could eliminate two wrong answers leaving a fifty percent chance of finding the right answer. Another helpful technique is going through the test as fast as possible answering the questions that students know the correct answers. Go back and answer the hard questions last.

Students who following some of the techniques listed above will be well on their way to a successful high school career. This article provides a small sample of the direction that successful students need to go.

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