How Leaders Know, If They’re Doing, The RIGHT Thing?

Every leader faces obstacles, and challenges, thrust in his way, in the course of his leadership! Although, there is no such thing, as, one – size – fits – all, when it comes to effectively, leading, if one, would use, as his over – riding principle, to, focus, and, consistently, do the RIGHT thing, his potential becomes exponentially, enhanced! However, it’s not so simple, because, how can anyone, be somewhat, certain, his actions are right, and not, simply, he feels that way, because he’s unwilling to proceed, with a degree of objective, introspection. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents.

1. Relevant; realistic; righteous; responsive; responsible: It’s never leading, unless, you proceed, in a focused, relevant manner. Be realistic, yet proceed with enlightened, pragmatic, idealism! One must be righteous, while avoiding becoming, overly, self – righteous! Consider, whether your strategic plan, and action plans, are responsive to needs, goals, priorities, the group’s mission, and stakeholder’s perceptions! Finally, always assume responsibility, for every action, or when you fail to be proactive, and/ or, fully prepared!

2. Ideology; idealism; ideas; integrity; innovative; imagination: Does your philosophy, align, with the core ideology, of your group? Will you refuse to abandon your personal idealism, when others do? Will you commit to maintaining, the utmost degree of absolute integrity? Great leaders proceed with a quality imagination, which brings forth innovative ideas, in the best interests of your group, and constituents!

3. Greatness; generate goodwill: Don’t settle for good – enough, but seek the utmost amount of greatness! It should be a priority, to consistently, generate goodwill!

4. Healing; head/ heart: Will you become a true, genuine, healing leader, which brings people, together, for the common good, rather than being divisive, and/ or, polarizing? This takes effectively using the best aspects of, both, your logical and emotional components, in a head/ heart balance!

5. Timely: There is never room, for procrastination, when action must be taken! Obstacles, become more difficult and challenging, to overcome, unless/ until, they are addressed, in a well – considered, timely manner! Never put off, until tomorrow, things you should have done, yesterday!

One of the reasons, we seem to be witnessing a dearth of genuine leadership, these days, is, few individuals, are ready, willing, and/ or, able, to handle the commitments, skills, etc, needed. If the primary focus, was to do, the RIGHT thing, it might simplify, and ease, the process!

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