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I looked up at a sign quote up on my office wall:

“One never learns something so well as when one attempts to teach it” by Kent Krive

I know that the gift of teaching information can empower others.

Do you get inspired to work out when you see a well-built body?

Maybe you’re in a rut from training, maybe you just need a little inspiration.

It’s hard sometime. Why? Because, to see results, sometimes it can take weeks or even several months. Then next thing we notice, we’ve quit being consistent. We use to go to the gym 5 days a week is now 1 time (if we’re lucky”

What happened? What can you do?

Here’s 5 tips to get you going:

Tip: 1 Create your transformation resource.

Go and read stories from magazine articles and books of different people with similar weight loss challenges and body structures and use them as your sources of success information.

You see, we can all learn a productive, success from everyone. We all leave golden nuggets on our trail that we blaze.

Action step: go to your bookstore newsstand and pick up several health and fitness magazine and sift and search for inspirational stories. Again, make sure you can relate to the person – lifestyle and body type.

You can start your goal/dream book. Find the images of bodies similar to yours and cut their face out and add yours.

Put it in clear sleeves or paste in your journal. Look at it several time each day. Write inspirational quotes and notes around it.

Tip 2: Where is the crowd at?

I personally like to see people around me and be part of a group environment setting when I can however my work outs are customized to my performance needs so I don’t mind working out alone.

I noticed a difference in my intensity when I work out at my home gym versus the health club. I go much harder at the gym.

The people lifting and moving inspiring me to work out harder. Go where the crowd is and get inspired by others in the same room working to make a difference with their bodies. If there isn’t a gym, find a person locally. Remember many people have the same frustrations and problems when training on their own. Get in the energy vibration of others. If there isn’t a gym, start a small community group with people of common health and weight loss interest.

Tip 3: Do Less Training.

Often times we’re told to do more. Do more of this exercise and more of this set. Do 10 sets of 12 reps. What ever it might be, to get out of that funk, do less. Get back and just do 1 or 2 reps and access. How do you feel? If you can add 2 more reps, do two more. If not, walk away from the machine. Yes, use your instincts.

Often times, you’ll simply feel much better, touching the machine, picking up that dumbbell or tubing and moving that you’ll do more.

Tip 4: Give the magic of “WHY” a chance

Want to be lean, toned and in shape. Give me the “magical” reasons. The reasons, your “WHY” will take you back on track to your transformational path.

This requires you grab a pen and paper and physically write it down. Go deep into this one. Say “I’m going to (state your goal) so that (state your benefits)”

I’m going to lose 15 pounds and lose several inches, fit into my skinny jeans so that (I can look extremely confident in my clothes)

Write before going to bed to help the goals get re-enforced. Pull out the biggest “Why” and get back into proactive action.

Don’t skip this step, it’s probably one most powerful tip in this article.

Tip 5: Rejuvenate through teaching.

I mentioned that quote in my office. This method not only helps the student but the teacher even more. I’ve been teaching my kids all that I find benefits them and I’m amazed how repeating these steps out to someone I find, often that I miss steps if I instead just wrote in down on a piece of paper.

There is tine-tiny steps in some task that we do a certain way that can often be overlooked.

For example, I have a paper shredder machine by my office desk.

It’s plugged in, power button is on but why is it NOT working. Little did I know that the door to the unit was ajar slightly and a sensor activates the machine not to run if found the door to shredder is open.

That’s a small step that I could have overlooked but by doing it by show and tell, I find this problem can happen.

By helping through teaching, say, someone to get fit and become healthier, makes me happier, feel re-energized to reach my own goals.

And listen, if don’t need a degree or certification to help someone.

I hope these tips can help you get unstuck and focused or re-focused again.

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