How to Make Success the Enemy of Failure

Set a clear sense of direction and purpose. Set out with a clear direction to achieve your goals and the first thing to do of course is to set your goals. This is a key to your success strategy and will make a complete enemy of failure. When you start something, be a Completer Finisher.

The key characteristics of a Completer Finisher are:
Highly conscientious


Delivers within time scales

Pays attention to detail

Hugely mindful of careless mistakes

Using a `scatter gun 'approach is a recipe for failure. It's important to take aim and hit the target of your focus. Look at Michael Phelps; he had the clear goal of eight gold medals. He kept his eyes of the prize and had rock solid focus, not to be deviated. Even after he won his golds, some interviewers talked to him about setting his sights on other races in the pool. He is saying NO because he knows what his targets are and he knows what he is good at.

That's the other point I want to make. Do what you love to do. Find a way to do what you love and have it make money for you. Thousands of people throughout history already have. Just think of some of the people you admire and then you know it is possible. Now it's time to step up to the plate and make it happen for you.

In stepping up and doing what you love in order to make money here's a succinct recipe for you.

Set your goals

Set your daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, six monthly, yearly, five year and ten year goals. Decide for yourself what it would mean for you to achieve these goals. The next step in goal setting is to take each goal in turn and decide why it is exactly that you want to achieve these goals. What will achieve these goals do for you? What will achieve these goals do for others in your life? What will happen and how will you feel if you don't achieve these goals?

Make sure you take steps each and every day in the achievement of each of your goals. Remind yourself each and everyday why it is these goals are important to you.

Establish a goal achieving group

Get like minded people together, perhaps a small group of perhaps three or four people who will help hold each other to account. Meet on a regular basis, either physically or over the phone and go through the achievements you have had over a specified time period and talk about what led to the successes (this is not a group to lament `failures').

Also discuss the anticipated achievements for the next time period and what you will do to ensure those achievements. Remember, this may mean that you have to step outside of your comfort zone and not only do different things, also to do things differently . Herein lays your challenge. Are you up for it?

Here are a couple of quotes to help sure up your motivation

Flaming enthusiasm, backed by horse sense and persistence, is the quality that most frequently makes for success . Dale Carnegie

You only have to do a very few things right in your life, so long as you don't do too many things wrong . Warren Buffett

Some other strategies for goal achievement

1. Wake up a little earlier / go to bed a little later (with the soul intention of your goal achievement)
2. Focus on your goals every day
3. Secure the services of a coach who will guide you in achieving your goals
4. Create positive affirmations that will help to motivate you (tell yourself how great you are and that goal achievement is the only option – NOTHING else will do).
5. Take at least 20 minutes per day in guided meditation towards the achievement of your goals
6. Attend goal achievement workshops
7. Read lots and lots of great motivational and strategic life affirming ebooks / books
8. Create a collage of your goals and look at it the first thing in the morning and last thing at night
9. Drink lots of water and stay healthy

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