Leadership Skills and Ability

What is true Leadership.

Is leadership something we are born with or is it learned.

My belief is that there are some natural leaders but many

leadership skills are learned by hands on experience.

Many great leaders show leadership skills while at school

or at a young age but few of these children will go straight

into a leadership role on leaving school.

Lets define traits and skills associated with great leaders.

( not necessarily in this order)












ready to listen

lead by example

apologize for mistakes

good at delegating tasks

good time management skills.

keep level head under pressure.

look at and weigh up all options equally.

peace maker, looking at both sides of arguments.

God has blessed you with many of these traits,

continue to use them and to learn form your experiences and

here is the biggie, learn from others around you and read books

relating to leadership, mentoring, management, and other

relevant material.

Every day you and I play a leadership role as a parent, teacher,

boss, at the office, team leader, Sunday school teacher, sports captain,

or running your own small business. Every one of us play a leadership

role at some time.

As you build up your skill level and your planning ability other

people around you will notice. You will be a member in some

group or other either in your children’s sports team or business

and others will notice if you take control, sometimes just by offering

to bake for a fundraiser and collecting cakes from the other mothers

is showing leadership.

You may love being a helper and because of your happy but

organized attitude others will look to for guidance. This is

displaying leadership, you may not want to be the chairperson

of the fundraising committee but you may be the leader by

default in that others look to you for guidance and accept

your suggestions.

On numerous occasions I have seen chairpersons on committees

and sports groups for one reason only. They want to be seen to

be the leader and want the publicity and lime light.

True leadership doesn’t always get noticed or receive the recognition

or the appreciation it deserves.

Many a leader has appeared from the most unexpected quarters

and in times of the greatest need, the greatest leaders are born.

Many of the Great leaders of the past have become leaders in

times of the greatest need or times of upheaval. Leaders like

Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King,

These and many other leaders would probably not have the

same Hero status if it wasn’t for the time of trial they lead

their companies, countries or people through.

But do not compare Abraham Lincoln with Elvis Presley.

Elvis was a leading figure in music even the King of Rock

n Roll but I would not class him as a great leader.

There is a difference between having a following and being

a leader. Abraham Lincoln said ‘You can please some of the

people some of the time, but you will never please all the people

all the time.’ That is the great difference between a Leader

and a Dictator.

In the Gettysburg Address Lincoln said,

Fourscore and seven years ago our fathers brought forth

on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty and

dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

In theory what Lincoln said is correct but in practice some

people are more equal than others, we may all have the same

rights, but we may be disadvantaged by being born in the

wrong neighborhood or the wrong color.

Many disadvantaged people make a choice or decision that

they will succeed and usually they go on to leadership roles.

There are people a lot worse off than you or me but if they

apply their will to change and totally focus on bettering themselves

they may get that promotion before you or may even take over

your company and I’ll bet they have many of the traits and skills

in the list above and they would most likely have to have learned

many of those skills.

If there is a will there is a way!

May you become a Successful Leader.

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