Leadership Skills Assessment: Key Parameters

Leadership skills assessment seems an upheaval task to quite a few people. However, there is no escape from this if you wish to move ahead and secure a better designation for yourself. Leadership skills assessment is like the examinations that you appeared for during your school and college days. It helps you in identifying your core strengths and weaknesses that you need to work on. Many people are often afraid of taking up such an assessment fearing their result and others take this up simply because their superior or boss asked them to do so. Such an attitude should be shed off because leadership skill assessment is primarily for the benefit of the individual going through it and not the person who has asked him/ her to do so.

Following are the key parameters an individual is tested on:

Knowledge: Knowledge in this assessment is not the regular or general knowledge but here your knowledge pertaining to the area of work, the organization, your competitors and the market your company is operating in, is tested. With this, the top management tries to figure out whether you know enough about the business and if yes, how do you utilize this knowledge.

People skills: This aims at understanding how social you are and how well you handle people. Many efforts of a leader go in managing his team. He needs to make sure that the sub teams he has formed are efficient enough and the members complement each other well. People skills are among the most crucial skills without which an individual fails to be a good leader.

Work ethics: Another aspect of leadership skills assessment is the way you work. A leader has to meet various targets and deadlines. Work ethics is the parameter to judge whether these deadlines and targets were met well on time and how dedicated you have been in your work. This also measures whether completion or completion with quality matters more to you.

Skills: This aims at judging you on the grounds of your efficiency. You may not be a master of all trades but the management is always curious to know which area of work you handle efficiently and thereby, utilizing that particular skill of yours for the benefit of the company and of course you.

Apart from the parameters discussed above, other skills are tested. For example, being a leader how you tackle weak performers of your team or how do you bring the best out of your team members are among the other important answers that the management finds out of this assessment

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