Leadership Versus Management and How it Can Change Your Business

Today I would like to discuss leadership versus management. What many businesses are implementing now is leadership training classes for their management teams. They realize that leadership can indeed be taught and that people respond better to people that have those leadership qualities as opposed to having to perform a task simply because management told them to.

You will hear many grumblings from people about their bosses for the simple fact that they do not respect their bosses. They see the boss as someone that talks the talk but does not walk the walk. If you have the respect of your employees from leading by example or by letting them know that you started out in the same situation as many of them you will build that bond.

Many times management will lead by fear. The fear of you taking a pay cut or losing your job all together or getting less hours. This fear will build resentment towards management. Leadership dissolves many of those issues by having the ability to build a relationship with your employees. To build this you must care about the people under you, you must take a interest in them. I’m not saying that you have to have dinner with them every night but you need to be caring to their wants and needs.

You will see much more success if you are that leadership versus becoming the cold heart of management. People want to believe that their company cares about them and that they are more than just a number. If you can show your employees that you care your business will go to another level.

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