Sample Maid of Honor Toasts

Do you need one?

I get to be in the wedding so should I look at sample maid of honor toasts? Yes, if you are planning on speaking, or have been asked to speak at the wedding. Most people can't figure out exactly what they should say in their speeches. They have a general idea, but the details elude them. If you have been asked to speak at the wedding, then I would recommend looking at samples of the types of speech you need to give.

Why Samples?

One of the easiest ways to figure out what to say is to look at sample maid of honor toasts. The can give you a better idea of ​​what you should incorporate into your own speech. Once you understand the basic format of a good speech, it's easy to add in the details to make it personal. No one wants to say the wrong thing at a wedding.


After you get everything you want to say in order, write it down. Practice saying the speech, and make sure your written toast or notes gets taken with you for the big day. That way if you forget a piece of your speech you can look at your notes and remember what you wanted to say. This is a good way on insuring that you don't ramble on and say something by accident if nerves get the better of you when it's your turn to toast the happy couple.

Good luck with the writing of your wedding speech.

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