Self Motivation – 10 Key Steps When Faced With Impossible Choices

Your employers are taking advantage of you, you are about to be made redundant, you are in debt and your finances are a mess, your wife / husband / partner and you keep arguing, you are under so much pressure – you need to "do "something, anything, right now.

I have been there – believe me – more than once, and over many years, I do know what it feels like to be $ 200k in debt, with no credit, no paying clients, a mortgage company foreclosing, creditors suing me and with no apparent prospects of recovery … It's hard and it is painful and it is very difficult. Self motivation when faced with irreconcilable or impossible choices seems impossible.

We live in an age and a culture that is obsessed with instant fixes and that confuses the apparent reality of the world as we think we know it with how it really is.

Many people are now experiencing unwelcome and painful situations of imposed change.

There are no magic bullets but there is a way through these times of harsh imposed change. Based on my personal experience, here are some practical self motivation suggestions when faced with irreconcilable or impossible choices in situations of imposed change:

(1) Things do take time – often months and frequently years – for the ultimate purpose and personal benefit of the imposed change to be become apparent to us and realized in our day to day experience.

(2) Trust – contrary to how we feel, we really can let go and trust in whatever it is that we personally regard as our highest and guiding energy.

(3) Stop fighting it – if we stop fighting what is happening to us and accept and allow the change to happen – we will survive – but not by struggling and trying to make it happen.

(4) Do less and think less – contrary to all of our deeply ingrained instincts, we need to do less, to think far less, step back and get our egos out of the way.

(5) Realize that you cannot think your way out of this – we need to understand that we can not think our way out of this situation

(6) Your survival and self motivation is going to be grounded in underused mental and spiritual faculties – our survival and self motivation is going to be grounded in mental and spiritual faculties of which we may have little or no prior real direct experience.

(7) Learn to truly "go with the flow" – the biggest key to all this is to behave and respond in ways that may be the completely alien to us by allowing and cultivating a very deep acceptance of what is happening and acknowledging that we are not in control of circumstances and – counter cultural and counter intuitive as this sounds – to "go with the flow".

(8) Become aligned to something greater – The more we can "surrender to the flow" then the more we automatically become "aligned" to a far greater dimension of our consciousness than we may have ever previously experienced – this really is the key.

(9) Self motivation flows from alignment – it is this alignment with the flow that is the dynamic that will pull us through this difficult situation and it is this alignment that is the source of our self motivation through and beyond present difficult circumstances.

(10) There is always a spiritual dynamic at work – whether we realize it or not, whether we accept it or not, there is always a spiritual dynamic at work in these situations. (I use the word "spiritual" in a generic sense to refer to, or to point to, the higher or more transcendent dimensions of human experience, awareness and consciousness.)

The ultimate purpose that lies behind all of our struggles and profound discomfort at times of unwelcome and imposed change is always constructive and always transformative.

If, and this is a massive "if", we can surrender our egos, accept what is happening and allow the change to take place, it will reveal the previously hidden nature of "who I really am and why I am here" and we will find that we are really are on the path to deep and permanent personal change and transformation.

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