Senior Citizens Can Benefit From Setting Goals

Although some elderly senior citizens may feel that they have little purpose in life after reaching the sunset years, many older people live full and happy lives with no plans for letting up any time soon. Indeed, some retirees state that they are busier than ever. Life still has meaning, and achieving goals is a regular occurrence.

Senior citizens can benefit from setting goals even in the later years. Daily activities may require planning and foresight in order to accomplish anything. The goals likely do not have to be large or earth shattering. They can be small things which are achieved on a daily basis. A goal to enjoy one pleasant experience a day is a worthy goal.

If the goals are larger in nature such as wanting to earn money or improve one’s health, these may be achieved with hard work and dedication. It may be easier than anticipated to achieve everything a person wants to do.

Major problems and huge achievements may be difficult and unreasonable, but most personal and business goals need not be that hard to achieve. Goals which it is known as virtually impossible to accomplish can be broken up and/or replaced with smaller goals which are attainable.

When Japanese Americans and immigrants from Japan were incarcerated in camps during the dark days of World War II, it was difficult to set goals. They did not know what the future would bring, and it was hard to be optimistic when treated so unfairly by their own government and neighbors. The main goal may have been to live through another day. Some did have goals and later achieved success.

The main thing is to make a plan and stick to the plan. Creating a workable plan should be possible without too much effort. Thinking through exactly what one wishes to accomplish and then making a plan for getting there can be done.

If a person decides that he wants more income and finds a reasonable means of doing so, he can make his plan. Suppose he has decided to try network marketing (also called MLM or multi-level marketing). He must find a product he likes which he feels he can sell and a company with which he feels comfortable. The only way to make money in network marketing is to get other people to sign up under you to also try to use and share the product. People get paid for the efforts of those below them. To achieve success in this area, a goal or plan should be set. The goal may be to talk to two people each week about the product and the opportunity. To achieve the goal, it requires sticking to that plan. MLM can be a fulfilling opportunity to become successful in making money, but the failure rate is very high. A person needs to set the goals and be determined to follow the plan. Determine that you WILL do it and then follow through.

Procrastination can kill any goal. Distractions should be controlled, and focus must be placed on the goal in mind. One of the main things a person needs to do is to determine the reasons for a goal and be dedicated enough to stick with it. People of any age can benefit from setting goals and working for their fulfillment.

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