Smart Goal Setting – Action Steps

Smart Goal Setting Strategies

It’s time to work out a strategy to reach your monthly goal. This step is going to be done every month from now on. You will map out your monthly goal into weekly action strategies and daily action steps. This is your schedule for the week and a very smart goal setting approach.

Write down what needs to be done this week. Always keeping the monthly goal in mind so you know what is supposed to get done this month. I think you see why it is so important that you have written all this done. It makes it easier to remember each and every step along the way.

Action Steps in Smart Goal Setting

The daily action steps is your daily tasks. Preferably you schedule 1-3 days ahead and track every task as you finish them. You want to keep track of the time it took to finish the task, what resources was needed and perhaps even what pages you found those resources. It is so very important to keep track of all those things. How much is smart goal setting worth if you don’t remember how you reached you goals? Also when you schedule your next couple of days you will have a template.

After your first month you will have a track record of 4 weeks that can guide you when mapping out your next weekly strategies. You will have a pretty clear picture on how much you can get done in a day, week and a month. What kind of resources you use and that way your second month will probably be even better than the first.

After the second month you will do it all over again and now you have a daily routine and the habit of scheduling and getting things done and by now you should also see some results.

Remember to keep track of everything so you can quickly see what works and what doesn’t work so when you map out your next 90 days you will have a winning strategy. And if that’s not smart goal setting with emphasis on SMART goal setting. I don’t know what is.

Smart Goal Setting – Taking Action

The next obvious step is to take action on your action plan. Of course. But, there is a different approach to it though. A little bit differently than most people do it.

Once they reach this step, they begin working that plan but they lose track after a couple of weeks. Even days. The reasons for that can be, they didn’t have the proper skills to be able to finish some of the tasks.


Their mindset was not focused on the weekly strategy and daily action steps. Instead they went to dreaming and fantasize about the end goal. Their desire.

It is utterly important to always remember the end goal but the focus should always be in the present. Where you are now. If you focus on the end goal you will not see the progress you have throughout the weeks and months and you will lose your focus to go on. Simply because you couldn’t see any results.

And you want results when you use smart goal setting, don’t you?

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