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Stories had played a big part during our life because we learn from the stories. For instance, during our childhood, we knew that witches are evil and we learnt to keep our distance from them. The witches signified the strangers these days and therefore allowing parents to teach their children to reject any gift from them so that they could protect their children.

Stories have always been a way to spread values around because it allowed us to learn different values while having fun reading or listening. Still as we grew older, we seldom read anymore stories and there are less and less people telling us new stories. This might because we use most of our time working to feed ourselves and family. While we are busy chasing our career, sometime we might lose focus to fulfill our spiritual needs. That is why sometime we felt that something is missing in our life even we have all the money we can have.

And as we moved down the lane of life, we made our own stories. These stories are inspirational, happy, sad, motivating, depressing and even more. And it is from these stories we gain our experiences and evolved into the person we are today or the person in the future. Then again we are seldom to tell our experiences to others, to share our stories to inspire other. Are we too shy to let others know about our depressing moment or too happy to keep the success to ourselves?

Sometimes it just slipped our mind how much is our impact on the people around us or the other way round. We just need to spare sometime and talk to others or read some bibliography. We might be inspired by others life stories, struggles, or experiences. Then maybe we are able to solve our problem or change our approach about life.

Since everyone has their own experiences and this made us packed with our own stories to tell. []. is a site with short stories offering you a chance to take a break in your hectic schedule to relax and some brief to read. The stories written are in the hope to inspire the readers and if possible to recall the values we learn in our life so that you might then be able to inspire others. So enjoy the stories at []. and have fun.

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