Success Tip – Choose Character Over Skill (Or Both)

Never Sacrifice CHARACTER at the expense of SKILL / ABILITY. I have received this advice from my Pastor and I therefore pass it on to you. To all Human Resources personnel out there, when hiring someone, always hire for ATTITUDE rather than focus on skill especially for jobs that have to do with meeting your clients and dealing with people. Such positions as Sales Executives, Personnel officers etc. It's easier to build someone's skill and knowledge level through coaching and exposure, Attitude on the other hand is not something you can train someone in. If it stinks that's it, the greatness of your business and ministry is affected directly. That becomes the ambiance of your business and ministry. By then it is too late for you to try and use Public Relations and damage control to redeem the situation. You will be setting your organization for perpetual failure or near-success. Most customers will pay their top dollar for an excellently provided service no matter the cost. No matter how cheap your pricing is, people will drive a few extra miles to a place where the service value is exceptional and the attitude of those serving is positive. You rather have five people with a very pleasant attitude than have a staff compliment of a hundred who are predominantly grumpy and full of sour attitudes.

Character is what sustains your in the place where skills has elevated you to. Skill is the apparent and obvious attribute that anybody can easily be attracted to. I have watched very skilled musicians who get destroyed by their own achievements. I have seen very skilled people die like they never had anything they were working towards. When you have both skill and character, you cannot be shaken by anything. You become a formidable, immovable and unshakable pillar. Good character qualities include and are not limited to integrity, honesty, moral uprightness, one who honors their word, value for other people's time, considerate and humane enough to see value in others, compassionate, helpful, ability to keep confidence and open about how they feel not hypocritical,

Ponder Points – Think about this- How have you viewed skilled people in comparison to people with a good pleasant personality and disposition? What are your experiences with people with unpleasant attitudes?

Affirmation Points – Say this to yourself- I have a pleasant attitude. People want to deal with me always because my personality is good to be around. I serve my customers with excitement and joy. I am passionate about all that I do. Next time I have to hire someone I will be conscious of the fact that the attitude plays an equally important role to that of skill and experience.

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