Successful Goal Setting and Achievement

The first step to success, of course, is to set a goal. You can’t get anywhere if you’re not heading in that direction. Intention is essential.

The second step to achieve success is to persist. Many people do get down to setting goals, but they don’t achieve them. Achievement can only come from persistence.

A goal set in motion will be achieved…unless, you stop thinking and acting on it.

It’s that simple to be a success story.

For some reason people believe that the size of the goal is what makes it more possible. They also believe that they have to have the resources to achieve the goal.

This “realistic” thinking, however, has nothing to do with goal achievements.

The history of goal achievers shows that almost anything is possible. Wealth, health, and a wonderful relationship are possible for anyone.

People have overcome illnesses considered incurable; impoverished people, with no money, contacts, or opportunities, have become millionaires; and those with little or no observable talents have become world-famous performers.

The only thing that stops a goal from realization is you. Goal setting will lead to achievement if you stay the course.

When you understand even a little about quantum physics and how the brain works, you’ll come to understand that nothing is impossible.

Your thoughts are the most potent things on earth.

If they are positive, they flood your body with the right chemicals to produce euphoria and energy.

If they are positive, they attract the people, circumstances, ideas, and opportunity that you need.

A carpenter longed to build skyscrapers. He learned how the subconscious mind can broadcast his goal until they attracted the right opportunity. One day, he went to work for a wealthy contractor. This gentleman became his mentor. He taught him how to raise capital, generate contracts, and all the other details of setting up lucrative projects. The carpenter prospered and eventually was able to move in circles where he was able to build skyscrapers.

If you create the right mental environment, you will create the right physical environment in which you cannot fail.

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