The Art of Setting Goals

Setting Goals:

The art of setting goals is an important lesson for children to learn.

I have the wonderful privilege of teaching a Sunday school class at my church We talked about the importance of setting goals at the last class. I asked the children to explain what they could do when frustration sets in. We talked about reaching for the stars and pushing through when the going gets tough. Some goals are easy to reach and others remain a challenge. Twelve year old Marcus explained that we should think about how far we have come when a goal is hard to reach.

We need to pay more attention to the wisdom learned by children. He may be only twelve, but he has acquired the knowledge of the ages at a young age. We then entered into a discussion about how we can help one another. How I wish I had that knowledge when I was a youngster. Ask the appropriate questions and children will amaze you with the depth of their knowledge and experience.

Dr. Wayne Dyer authored several books for children. I used one of his books as a pivotal point of discussion for the class. We picked out key words that can be introduced to children and to teens. The words were goals, determination, devotion, perseverance, and dedication. Class activities centered around those concepts that would produce hope and success in their lives.

Our culture does little to encourage these traits. Children are consumed with electronics, digital devices, and electronic means of communication which do not encourage the development of delayed gratification. It was heartening to be able to talk about these traits in a Sunday school situation. At age seventy-three, I became the student and they were the teachers. What a joy that is.

Yes indeed, young children need to learn how to set goals and reach for the stars. We all need to learn the value of determination and perseverance. Admittedly, these attributes are not a part of my repertoire. At the age of seventy- three I am learning the value of pushing through when goals are hard to reach. Every age group can benefit from the development of success traits.

It delights me to help young people push through difficulties in their pursuit of knowledge. These are skills that will help them in their quest for success and hope. Young people are our future. It pays to invest in them.

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