The Reformers Had Qualities and Characteristics As Leaders Which We Greatly Need Today in Leadership

Having recently heard some challenging teaching on reformers and the Reformation it has made me re-visit some earlier studies regarding the Reformation in Scotland, realising how greatly we need such a Reformation today. The Economy is crumbling and morality is fast disappearing as men drift away from Almighty God and His Holy Word.

Reformers lived by faith in the Word of God and reformers were men to whom God had given wisdom for the leadership of others. Is all this not so required in these present times?

Reformers dealt with big questions and challenge current thinking. What is a Christian and what is the Church produced radical and revolutionary consequences and such results and consequences would be a blessing to society today, no matter where we live.

The Reformation was of God. It was Almighty God who initiated the reformation but through men, who were His servants.

What we have been through, over these past forty years, and what we have been involved in, and what we have experienced from the late 1960’s to the present day has been Reformation in a different form, and it has been of God. There is no doubt whatsoever about that.

The reformers in the 16th Century lost their lives for their preaching and teaching. Now, that has not been happening today, but that may just be because of the apathy and lethargy of society. That could so easily happen again, as people become angry with the Church of Jesus Christ when it challenges a life of sin. When we read the New Testament letters we read some of the most politically incorrect writing around!

Reformers are also men who live with the recognition of the demonic.

The Christian life is a struggle. It can be a battle. We see this so frequently on Sunday as we read and study various biblical passages. We must always remember that it is not a battle with men, but with evil and demonic forces, or persons without bodies as one colleague described it.

The Renaissance, which broke out at the same time as the Reformation, made no threat to Satan. However, the Reformation did.

Scripture throws the world into commotion. Martin Luther certainly knew this. All the reformers were aware of what they were saying and what they were doing, but even more importantly, they were aware of why they were saying what they were saying! It was not an easy time, but Jesus Christ never promised His people an easy time.

The Reformers had to fight with a dependence upon a greater power, and that was the power of Almighty God. Among the consequences flowing from the reformation were a new level of Prayer and a new depth in preaching, inspired by faith in the Word of God. To these men, and also to us today, this is not a duty, nor an occupation, but a banquet, as we serve the bread of life to those who wish to dine spiritually.

We far too easily forget the spiritual battle, and the wiles of the devil.

Sandy Shaw

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