Top 5 Consistent Actions That Lead to Achievement

I’ve said many times before that achievement is, simply put, doing the right things consistently over a sustained period of time. If you’ve met with any level of success in your life – whether it is in your business, your personal life, or your health – you know that consistency is absolutely essential. But how do you know if you are doing the “right” things?

In my experience working with small organizations all the way up to major corporations, I have found strategies that have proven to be effective in generating success and achievement. Doing the “right things” boils down to doing those things that directly support consistent progress toward your long-term vision, goals, and dreams.

In order to get you started moving in the right direction, I’ve outlined below five actions you can begin taking today that, when done consistently, will inevitably lead to achievement.

#1 – Make Consistent, Effective Choices

Your first step toward achievement is learning to make effective choices on a consistent, daily basis. If there is such a thing as a secret to achievement, a substantial part of that secret is being aware of the power of your choices and learning to choose effectively. Every day you choose activities that support the accomplishment of your goals. When it comes to achievement, busyness does not necessarily translate to effectiveness. You will know whether an action is effective simply by the end result. Effective actions always deliver desirable results!

#2 – Manage a Consistent, Positive Attitude

Your management of a consistent and productive, positive attitude will determine the degree of your future achievement. In fact, learning to manage your habits of thought will directly affect your level of performance and achievement. You must take negative thoughts captive and only nurture those thinking patterns that lead to creativity and growth. You should always think in terms of the possibilities rather than the impossibilities. The fastest way to promote achievement is to believe that it is possible. That requires the management of a consistent, positive attitude.

#3 – Make a Commitment to Consistent Growth

The reality of achievement is that it does not matter how small the step is, as long as you take those steps consistently and those steps continue to increase. It is the old grow or decline theory. You must make a commitment to grow consistently and never settle into a no-growth pattern. Consistent growth requires confidence, and confidence only comes from the experience of successful attempts. There is no better place to experience successful attempts than in the choice of accountability.

#4 – Stay Consistently Accountable

When you choose accountability, you must make a commitment to do what you say you are going to do and report that commitment to an outside partner on a weekly basis. For example, studies have shown that those who embark on a healthy eating or exercise program with an accountability partner are much more likely to continue through to completion simply because they know they must report their success or failure to someone else. It is the same with your business or personal goals. As you learn from this weekly choice of accountability, you will begin to notice that you are doing things that you never thought possible.

#5 – Maintain Consistent, Daily Focus

Clarity creates focus! The clearer the vision (mental picture) of your future, the more focused your daily activities will be. Maintaining consistent, daily focus is vital for achievement, and focus is a significant factor in the sustainability of that achievement. The ability to use our imagination to envision a future as you want it to be is the key to daily focus. When you allow yourself to use your imagination to picture a future as you want it to be, you create clarity, and future clarity creates focus for the moment. This is why I place vision at the very beginning of my work with clients.

Achievement is, again, simply doing the right things consistently over a sustained period of time, and the “sustained period of time” comes to you moment by moment, one day at a time. The quality of your daily choices and actions are measured by their effectiveness, and it is the quality of that effectiveness that determines the degree of your achievement.

Highly effective leaders achieve greatly while ineffective leaders deliver sporadic results and low quality achievement. The difference between these two groups is this: the consistent effectiveness of their actions. You have been blessed with the significant power and freedom to choose. Those goal-directed, consistent, daily choices and actions are the stepping-stones to your future. Choose today to be an effective leader who is committed to consistently effective action that leads to achievement!

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