Transformational Leadership in Network Marketing

What is Leadership?

Leadership is the ability to influence people to work toward reaching a common goal. The power to influence others to action is the most critical skill a leader must possess. In network marketing as in any organization, to lead a group of individuals one must be able to convince others to follow. Persuading others that leadership is valuable to their success will build a team that will seek leadership expertise to grow their business and eventually work independent of the leader. A network marketer must be able to duplicate leadership skills that will result in a strong organization that is fruitful and lucrative. When a leader is able to sort, seek and develop leaders at each level of an organization, the leader has mastered how to work smart instead of hard.

Transformational Leadership

Leaders that transform an organization through leadership skills that encourage self-growth, team effort, and focus efforts on organizational objectives are transformational leaders. They create and inspire a positive work environment that promotes innovation in an organization. A leadership style that helps others, communicates organizational vision, and is motivated to develop innovation is imperative to promoting change. Vision is a major component of transformational leadership which can guide change in any organization. In network marketing a leader should have a vision, goals and objective that are weekly, monthly, and yearly. Goals should be measurable, realistic, and attainable. A leader’s behavior helps stimulate followers’ participation. Leading by example portrays the behaviors that followers should exhibit to build themselves as leaders and grow their business. Network marketing is a helping profession. Once a leader has mastered helping others, the organization will grow exponentially. The  ability to promote self growth and encourage new ideas that supports the process of innovation inspires others.

Inspiring other to be Successful

Inspiring others can be a difficult task for a leader. Inspiration is that which influences others to action. It is the excitement that one gets by taking on a cause to achieve set goals. A network marketer must have the drive and the willingness to make a change in their lives, be coachable, and committed to the vision, goals and objectives of the organization. The drive to want to change the financial outlook in one’s life through network marketing is attainable, but results are based on individual efforts. Joining an organization does not equate success. A person can only achieve success based on product output. Working for “You Inc.” is the hardest career a person will ever have, but is one of few professions that can result in building financial wealth. One must be self-motivated, a self-starter, and possess the ability to take initiative in making life happen. This can only be achieved by having a willingness to go the extra mile to make it happen.

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