Ways to Turn Failure Into Success*

The word *failure* is so often misinterpreted. Failing doesn¡¯t mean that you have failed. *It is an opportunity to learn on your path to success.*

No one ever succeeds on their first attempt, they always face situations they didn¡¯t expect and often end up somewhere completely different than they initially thought.

Your job is to *work hard* and *smart,* adapting to change and situations, learning from your mistakes to turn the inevitable failures you will face into a grand success.

*1000 failures*

The difference between *successful people* and *unsuccessful people* isn¡¯t how often they fail; it is *how many times they try.Successful people fail just as often, if not more, than everyone else. The difference is that *they keep picking themselves up again and again, try new things* and *at last find something that works.*

Just look at one of the best inventors of all time, *Thomas A. Edison.* While he was trying to invent the light bulb *he failed over 1000 times.* Most of us would have quit at about 100 (or maybe after just 1 failure) but he kept going and going, learning every time until he at last got his breakthrough.

This was Edison¡¯s whole philosophy, he believed the human mind was capable of anything, if you put your mind to it and worked *long enough, hard enough* and were *determined enough,* you would make it.

To look at another genius from the past, *Albert Einstein.* Einstein failed in school. To most of us this failure would mean that allacademic success is out of reach and we would move on to other realms of work. Not Einstein, he kept *working* and *learning* and is now *the founder of modern physics.*

My background isn¡¯t as incredible as those above, but I have had my fair share of failures and had a few successes. From these experiences I have learned a lot. I want to share with you the *4 steps* I have found, and seen so many others take, to turn failure into success.


Don¡¯t see failing as anything but *a chance to improve* and *learn.* Every time you fail in an attempt ask yourself the 2 questions *¡°What did I do well?¡±* and *¡°What will I do differently?¡±* and then move on with your new found knowledge.


Edison¡¯s belief in himself and the human race is an inspiration to us all. Know that you will succeed one way or another and you will. Never forget that *your capacity is almost unlimited.*


When you have met an obstacle you have a great chance ahead of you, *you can learn, take a new path* and *move on* into territory that was completely unknown to you before with lots of new possibilities. Before you dive right in, evaluate your situation. Is this new line and endeavor in line with your goals? If not, it is not worth to pursue.


*The most important lesson is not to give up.* If you find that the opportunities match your goals. Go for it! *Don¡¯t ever give up;* the most successful people in the world weren¡¯t

successful because they didn¡¯t fail as often, *they failed more, many, many times more.* *But they picked themselves up and tried again over and over until they found the right mix.*


Your potential is limitless. *What you can do is only limited by your belief.* *Try, try and try again until you find your way and start moving on towards your dreams!* Remember, *If you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small* _(Proverbs 24:10)._

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