What Attracts Women?

Come to think of it, what really attracts women? Do you know? It would be nice if we, men, know what attracts women. We can then capitalize on this knowledge for our advantage. However, let’s face it. We are not in authority to answer this question. No man is. You and I could have different ideas on this one. We make speculations. And that’s just that. All are speculations. We don’t know exactly what attracts women. So let’s cut the guesswork and spare ourselves the hard work. No one can tell what attracts women better than the women themselves.

We ask some women and here are their answers: “I’m attracted to men with a smooth shaved face, “says Debbie, customer-relations manager. “For me, I’d fall for a man’s well-groomed hair, “explains Mitch, a restaurant owner. ” A well-groomed hair shows that a guy is aware of his looks. And that makes him attractive to me.” “I always flip over a guy who’s fit and healthy, “answers Anne, a medical secretary. “I’d go for a man that knows how to lead, “says gorgeous Roxanne. Have you noticed their answers, guys?

These things attract women. Catching a woman’s eye is not as hard as it seem. Obviously, you don’t have to drive a Ferrari, or own sums of money. You don’t even have to be famous. If you think about it, these women’s answers boils down to two important factors: our traits and the way we take care of ourselves.

In summary, here are the male traits and qualities that attract women:


Leadership qualities attract women.

These qualities make men admirable. Men with leadership qualities are bold, daring, adventurous, and are always sure of themselves.

But again, let’s face it. Men are not created equal. There are those who show leadership qualities, and there are those who don’t. If you are among hesitant type, you can still improve and develop leadership qualities.


According to women, a physically fit and healthy man is far more attractive than those who are not.

The feeling is actually mutual, right guys? You will not be attracted to a swaggering, plus-sized woman that looks like a limp ostrich, would you? So to attract women, you need to take care of your body. Lead a healthy lifestyle. Be fit. Eat healthy foods. Exercise. Engage in active sports. A physically fit man definitely attracts women.


Unless you are famous long-haired, guitar-totting rock star, you should comb your hair. (Even long-haired rock stars comb their hair!)

Don’t ever go out with unkempt hair.

Get regular haircuts that fit your personality. If you want, you can apply gel to hold your hair in place. Take time in caring for your hair. As you’ve learned by now, a well-combed hair attracts women.


You want to attract women? Good.

But check your posture first.

If you are tied in a desk job, and you sit in front of a computer for extended periods, there’s a good chance that you can develop bad posture. You tend to slouch in your seat.

You back bends a bit when you stand up.

And such bad posture turns off women. Don’t be surprised if you notice that women deliberately avoid you. Or that you don’t get any dates at all.

It’s your posture.

To attract women, stand up straight. Make it a habit, at all times and in all places. Adjust your chair so you will not slouch and can sit comfortably when you do computer work.


Good manners show good cultured breeding.

It reflects your personality. And fine manners attract women. Speak softly and clearly. Be deliberate in your actions. Cultivate a pleasant attitude. And SMILE at people. These are some of the things that attract women.

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