What is Leadership?

Hello everyone Ray Jernukian here, and today I want to talk to you about leadership. What is leadership to you? Are you looking through the eyes of a leader? What are your leadership strategies?

In my walk through life, I have learned that people look at their situations through one of four different sets of eyes. I will explain this as another of my leadership lessons.

The first two, looking through the eyes of a victim and looking at life through the eyes of a follower are unfortunately where most people are in life.

Then you have people who are looking at life through the eyes of a producer and finally people looking through the eyes of a leader.

Know this up front, no matter where you are right now, in any of these stages you have the ability to change, if that is what you want.

Change is actually a great place to start explaining this because each of these stages has its own very different view of change and knowing this can go a long way in your leadership and development process.

The victims are going to be terrified of change; they will do anything and everything to avoid it. It is one of their greatest fears and they will have a complete unwillingness to avoid getting out of their comfort zone.

The followers will blow off change; they probably do not have any real leadership qualities yet.

Looking through the eyes of a follower is a step up from being a victim yet they still have a ways to go. To a follower, change is somebody else’s responsibility

The producer is another step up and they have a different spin on this. People looking through the eyes of a producer will accept change like this.

I will change this, I can change this. I can change this because it benefits me; they fall short of leadership as they only focus on themselves.

What is leadership? Leadership is embracing change to benefit the lives of everyone, to make things better for everyone not themselves.

The differences in the four stages would be easy to spot in the face of danger. If you were on a bus and it rolled over here is what you could expect.

The victims would freeze with fear, saying why did this happen to me? Will someone help me?

The follower would also remain motionless waiting to see who took action first so they had someone to follow out of the bus.

The producer would rise and say I will get out of here, I will save myself. In the eyes of a producer, focusing on saving themselves and them only.

Leadership qualities are much different. What is leadership? Leadership is rising, and finding a way to help everyone. To help the victims out, and give the followers someone they can follow to safety. A true leader looks to help everyone

Leadership starts the day you stop looking at yourself and start looking to help those around you. So I ask you, have you started your leadership journey?

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