Why Speaking is Exhausting and What You Can Do About It

Speaking is a very demanding activity. If you feel tired after giving a presentation, you are not alone.

Why is speaking so tiring? Well, imagine yourself after your last speech. For most people, speaking is their greatest fear. Your adrenaline is pumping, your palms are sweating and your stomach is doing flip flops.

Facing that fear and delivering a good speech is incredibility draining. It’s like running a marathon, except that most people don’t get scared before a marathon.

If you give presentations regularly, it’s even more important to take care of yourself. Speakers and trainers are usually generous people so, we tend to take care of everyone else and leave nothing left for ourselves.

If you are suffering from speaker’s burn out, try these three simple steps:

1) Refill your tea pot. Today’s workplace can be very draining. Think of a tea pot. If you constantly pour tea out, eventually the pot will be empty. There won’t be anything left to give. So, you need to take action to fill up your pot up. How can you do that? Pursue activities you enjoy and find fulfilling:  reading a good novel, seeing a great movie or spending time with friends can help you recharge.

2) Exercise: Physical exercise can held you rejuvenate. Go for a workout at the gym, or a refreshing walk in the countryside. Physical activity can be rejuvenating.

3) Diet: In my old workplace, we used to joke that the three main office drugs were caffeine, Tylenol and Tums antacids. In fact, I used to drink six cans of pop a day and eat chocolate bars as an afternoon pick me up. Needless to say, I felt hyper  and irritable. Eating a sensible diet can help you get energized for your next speech.

In conclusion, refilling your tea pot, exercising and paying attention to your diet will help you recharge for your next speech.

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